Choose your jumper carefully

Choose your jumper carefully

Think buying a jumper is easy? Well it is if you consider eight elements:

1) Neckline – choose a neckline that is flattering on you. If you’re busty always choose an open neckline. Roll necks aren’t your friend!

2)Shoulder line – more important than you think. It can help to broaden or narrow your shoulders (eg. Raglan draws the eye in so is good at disguising broad shoulders).

3) Wool type – natural yarns are much more breathable and able to control temperature. Synthetic fibres may be preferred for those who find natural wool itchy.

4) Cut – a voluminous jumper can add pounds on your frame – ideal for Lean Columns but not so good for full hourglasses.

5) Yarn weight – a chunky wool will add pounds, whereas something like Cashmere is much finer. Choose a weight that best suits your frame.

6) Detail – automatically draws the eye so use to your advantage. Pear shapes (triangles) look for detail on the shoulder to balance out the hips. Stripes are on trend right now but can ‘wear’ you so look for stripes that start further down the garment.

7) Sleeve length – A 3/4 sleeve is very flattering especially on petites but if you are taller, it may appear as if it doesn’t fit! The width of the sleeve is also important. Balloon sleeves may emphasise the tummy area as they add bulk in that area.

8) Overall length – Choose a length that is flattering. Rule of thumb is to avoid anything that finishes at your widest point.

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