How Green Are You

How Green Are You

Love it or hate it, green features a lot in our lives. Whether it’s grass in the garden, a favourite anorak or that trendy ‘buzz’ word that encompasses respecting the environment and being more sustainable.

Well I thought it was high time that we chatted about all things green, so grab a coffee and let’s go.

Find Your Perfect Summer Green

I am often told by clients that they hate green. Maybe it’s because it reminds them of their old school uniform, or possibly that they just haven’t found the right shade. Here’s my guide to choosing your perfect green.

Light & Delicate

Leona is a stunning LIGHT dominant. She has naturally blonde hair and her look is delicate.

Apple green is a beautiful shade that she could incorporate into her summer wardrobe. To make the most of this shade, she could combine it with another light shade such as ivory.

Deep & Dark

If you have dark hair and dark eyes (your skin can be any color), your overall look is much more dramatic. Donna is a fabulous example of a DEEP dominant, and she will tell you from experience that lots of summer shades seem to ‘wash her out’. Fern is a mid-tone green and strong enough to balance out her wonderful depth. Combine with Dark Navy for a sure-fire winner.

Warm & Golden

Katie is a WARM dominant. Her red hair and golden skin tone are rich and work well with so many shades of green.

Lime is a particularly summery shade that will look stunning on Katie and works well with summer earthy shades such as taupe.

Cool & Rosey

Green isn’t a color that immediately springs to mind for COOL dominants such as Shirley, as many shades have yellow undertones. But I never say never, and will always find a shade that works for you. Teal has a slightly bluer undertone and will very much complement Shirley’s cool look. She will always look her best when wearing some contrast so could combine this with Light Grey.

Clear & Vibrant

Kathy with her dark hair and bright eyes is a CLEAR dominant and looks amazing in jewel colours, so Emerald Green is a good choice for her.

She looks her best with contrast so Mint would be an unusual but very successful combination.

Soft & Blended

Vicky’s look is much more blended, with very little contrast between her hair, skin and eye colour. She’s a SOFT dominant and looks best in softer shades. Verbena is a perfect green and in fact is having its moment, as it’s one of the colors of the season. Vicky’s colors look best when worn ‘tone on tone’ and Sage would be the perfect accompaniment.

Eye – Eye

Don’t be afraid to wear green on your eye lids. It can look incredible, regardless of your eye colour. But make sure that you get the shade right to achieve your very best look.
LIGHTS: Pistachio
DEEPS: Bay Leaf
WARMS: Intense Olive
COOLS: Peppermint
CLEARS: Metallic Blue Lagoon
SOFTS: Smoke

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