Knitted Vest: An Alternative Layer

Knitted Vest: An Alternative Layer

You can’t fail to notice the return of the knitted vest; they are everywhere and can be useful items to have in your wardrobe. Easily layered with a long sleeve thermal and shirt now, which can be replaced with a t-shirt as we move into spring. They can be tricky to find the right fit, so here are my tips:

1) If you have broad shoulders, avoid the dropped shoulder vest as this will not be flattering on you. Instead look for something more fitted across this area of your body. 

2) If you have a rectangle shaped body (straight shoulders with little waist definition), you may find that a shorter vest looks ‘square’ on you. A longer style with a v-neck will work better.

3) As we age, many women suffer hot flushes, so prefer not to be over-layered. Look for a knitted vest with a faux shirt. You will still achieve the layered look without the bulk. 

4) Avoid polo/cowel necks if you are big busted. A v-neck is far more flattering. 

5) If you carry weight around your middle, choose a vest with slits at either side. These will prevent the knit from pulling across your tummy. 

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