Colour can be magical. It can affect our mood and our energy levels profoundly, and therefore has a great impact on how others view us.
For many years neutral colours were dominating the fashion, but now bold vibrant colours are back.
As a colour expert I assure you that the time is right to learn how to make colours right for you.

In our colour analysis consultation, our colour specialist  will:

  • Introduce the impact of colour on how we feel about ourselves and how others see us.
  • Identify your natural colours based on your skin tone, eye and hair colour.
  • Show you how to choose your best shades of colour effectively.
  • Guide you to create different combinations of colours in your palette to constantly achieve new looks.
  • Show you how to apply daily make-up in the most flattering way that suits your lifestyle.

Provides you a personalised leather wallet containing 42 fabric swatches to take home with you.