Colouring Your February And Beyond

Colouring Your February And Beyond

There’s no doubt about it, February can be a grey and miserable month, so grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and let me brighten your day with an abundance of colour.


Red is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day. Question is, do you know your best red lipstick? Get it right and you’ll look amazing.

I am your colour expert, so why don’t you let me have a rummage through your make-up bag! I’ll show you what works with your skin tone, and what doesn’t work so well (and more importantly, why it doesn’t, so that you don’t make the same mistakes again).

Blue It

From denim to corporate wear, blue holds the prestigious number one spot for the most favourite colour.

It represents dependability, trust, authority and coolness.

Classic Blue is of course the colour of 2020 but if this isn’t your thing, there are many other shades that we show you during a colour analysis.

And contrary to old fashioned myth, blue and green should always be seen because they look amazing together!

Go Green

Unusual shades of green are taking the High Street by storm right now. From light moss to verbena; sage to seafoam, there are an abundance of shades to choose from.
Some palettes will be spoilt for choice (I’m looking at you Softs and Warms), others may find this trend slightly more awkward to wear. But go with your gut. Think about your own look and balance it out with a secondary shade. For example, all you Catherine Zeta Jones out there will know that a soft verbena washes you out, so add a little depth such as charcoal grey. It’s a simple trick that means you can wear much more of your wardrobe, and throw in a cheeky colour that you absolutely love, but may not be your best.

I work ‘with’ my clients and never say no. It’s really all about showing you how to wear colour. What works on your best friend or colleague, may need a little tweak here and there for it to work on you.

All-Embracing Purple 

Purple is such a vibrant and cheerful colour isn’t it? And it’s a very special shade, because it’s one of the very few colours that suits everyone without exception.

Purple encourages creativity and radiates calmness. It’s also the birthstone for February (Amethyst). Often associated with royalty and mystic, purple is a complex and diverse shade. It’s not a colour that many will feel comfortable wearing top-to-toe, but works well worn as an accent with a neutral palette.

Not So Mellow Yellow

Yellow can be a tough one to wear if you have a cool skin tone, particularly the hues of 2020, which are likely to be more earthy. Think turmeric, ochre and saffron; rich, warm and organic.

Find out if a shade works on you by holding it up to your chin in natural daylight and observe what it does to your skin. If the yellow tone makes you look sallow and grey, then avoid wearing it next to your face. Instead, use the shade in accessories or below the waist.


Know Your Neutrals

There’s something very put-together about neutrals isn’t there? And you may be surprised to learn that I always start a colour analysis by showing my client their best neutral shades; black, white, navy, grey, stone, cocoa, pewter, forest green to name but a few.

Building a wardrobe of core basics in your best neutral colours will enable you to make many different outfits, saving you money as you won’t need to buy as much. Adding a few fashion colours each season will enable you to remain current and on-trend. You can read more about neutrals in this blog post.

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