Packing Tips For Your Holiday

Packing Tips For Your Holiday

Are you looking for a smart way to pack!

Summer holiday season is almost upon us and whilst we love nothing more than an excuse to jet off to the sun, sometimes the thought of getting everything ready beforehand can seem a little daunting.

Here is top packing tips and tricks to ensure you have everything you need whilst still meeting the luggage limit!

Colour code – stick to a few key colours from your palette and build your holiday wardrobe around them. Be sure to include neutral shades for pieces like trousers/skirts so they can be worn with multiple tops and accessories.

Lay out your shoes/accessories – and then halve them. Providing you have footwear that is suitable for any activities you’ll be doing whilst you’re away you really don’t need to take multiple options. With accessories, just a couple of key pieces will see you through. As for bags – one daytime/beach bag and one for the evening should suffice.

Pack Like A Pro

A few simple tricks will ensure you maximise your suitcase space …

  1. Pack light clothes inside out to ensure they don’t mark or pick-up stains in transit.
  2. Roll your clothes rather than folding them – this saves space and reduces crinkles.
  3. Utilise the space in your shoes by rolling smaller items like underwear and popping them inside.
  4. Use ziplock bags to pack gadgets and toiletries.

Be Practical

Thinking practically can make a huge difference when travelling.

  1. Wear your heaviest items of clothing to travel. That way you can snuggle up on the plane, which is often cold, as well as save precious space in your suitcase.
  2. Invest in lightweight luggage so you can use as much of your baggage allowance for clothes as possible.
  3. Take a carry-on with a few items to freshen up with and a change of underwear so you’re feeling fabulous when you reach your destination.
  4. Slip-on shoes offer ease at airport security and comfort, as most of us will experience a little swelling while in-flight.



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