No matter what the fashion trends are, clothing is either constructed along straight lines, which give a garment a more rigid structured form or along curved lines which give a more fluid shape that tends to follow the curves of the body. From this, fashion experts provide various choices and styles that sometimes can be overwhelming and confusing.
Being a fashion stylist, and a style expert for over a decade, I guide you on how to choose the trendy looks that compliment your physical assets and reflect your style personality.

Our seasonal fashion style consultation, will give you:

  • An overview of the key looks of the season from the leading Fashion Weeks (Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Dubai).
  • Advice on how you can look trendy by translating  the global trends into your own personal style.
  • The opportunity of viewing samples of trending clothes and make-up before anybody else.
  • A list of local retailers in the market.