Doing the festive season

Doing the festive season

Impact where it matters

The festive season is fast approaching and as many of us prepare to tighten our  financial belts, I’m looking at alternative ways to celebrate this year. Same fun, still as stylish but conscious of those £££s. 

Chances are if you’re going out on a festive celebration, you’re likely to be sat down either in a bar or restaurant. So, whilst those sequin trousers might look amazing, they’re not really going to be seen. Spend your money on your top half. We all have a favourite pair of trousers or a skirt in our wardrobe, so build your outfit around these. Choose a top in a colour that looks amazing on you and concentrate on accessories. And those sequin trousers? They’ll probably be in the sale come January

Accessories like a pro

Be bold or go home! Well that’s straight to the point isn’t it? Christmas isn’t a time for shrinking violets but we certainly want to avoid ‘neckmess’.

Your Style Personality will dictate how many pieces of jewellery you wear. I say throw caution to the wind and add one extra piece. It is the festive season after all. So instead of wearing two necklaces, wear three. Make the shortest, the most interesting to lift the eye upwards. Or use a skinny scarf tied close to your neck for impact.

If you’re wearing a silver bangle, sandwich it between two pearl bracelets for maximum wrist action. 

Wearing top-to-toe neutrals? Throw a bright, colourful bag into the mix. It will breathe new life into an old outfit. 

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