Skirting Around The Issue

Skirting Around The Issue

One reason for this, is that many people don’t know how to wear them. A dress is an easy option; it’s an all-in-one outfit. Trousers can be worn with long and short tops and coats so you don’t have to think too hard. But a skirt throws up all sorts of issues; the best length, what shoes to team with it, should you wear a fitted or baggy top? And then there’s outerwear to consider. It can be a headache!

Whilst not necessarily falling out of fashion, skirts haven’t been the most popular choice of clothing over the last few years. You only have to look online to see that there are far more trousers and dresses available to browse. 

We are currently seeing lots of leather and suede in pencil and a-line cuts. A pencil skirt is perfect for those with straight up and down figures, but if you are an hourglass, you may find these more difficult to wear. A-lines cuts in stiffer fabrics will add shape to lean columns.

London Fashion Week showcased flouncier styles, which will no doubt translate into next season. Expect to see full skirts in tulle and soft-flowing fabrics. If you are curvy, these are for you, but stay away from any fullness around the hip area as they will add pounds. 

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