How to wear yellow

How to wear yellow

Yellow is certainly a head turner. It’s fresh, vibrant and modern, especially this season.

Do you know how to wear ‘your’ yellow? Here’s my guide:

Lights (Light & Delicate): Keep your look light and delicate by teaming with similar light shades.

Deeps (Deep & Strong): Your look is strong so make sure you add depth in the choice of yellow and accent colours.

Warms (Warm & Rich): You suit many shades of yellow. Mix with warm tones for maximum impact.

Cools (Cool & Contrasting): Not a natural choice but we never say never. Choose an icy yellow and wear with contrasting cooler shades.

Clears (Clear & Bright): You will always look your best in bright, vibrant colours so choose a zingy yellow and team with strong, contrasting shades.

Softs (Soft & Tonal): You look your best when you mix colours tonally. Wear similar depth shades for a very chic look.

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