Shades of Burgundy

Shades of Burgundy

Burgundy is trickling into the shops and for many of us, can be an excellent base to wear with other shades.

Remember that there are lots of shades in the ‘burgundy’ family, from the softer claret through to earthy aubergine. Choose your best tone and consider how to combine with other colours for a flattering look.

Those who are naturally fair will find that wearing with a lighter shade will lift burgundy. Try dusty rose or light grey.

If you have dark hair and dark eyes (any skin tone), you can wear with another deep shade. Chocolate or forest green will look amazing.

For those with warmer tones in their hair and porcelain or golden skin tone, ‘warm up’ your burgundy with lime or apricot. Wow!

If you have grey/ash hair with pinky undertones to your skin (or maybe slight blue tinge if you have black skin), you will benefit from some contrast in cooler colours such as baby pink or icy blue. 

Dark hair and bright eyes will also benefit from some contrast. Try your burgundy with ivory or mint.

And finally if you have a very blended look (where there is very little difference in your hair, eye and skin tone), you will look great when you wear it tonally. Try light periwinkle or pewter.

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