You don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror every day to look your best, but remember that makeup plays a big role in your final look. Research has shown that women who know how to wear makeup not only look younger, but also reflect self-confidence, and positively impact how others see them.

With years of experience in the beauty industry as a professional makeup artist as well as a beauty editor, I am qualified to become your guru in revealing the tips and secrets of the beauty industry. I will show you how to bring your natural beauty effortlessly, and how to achieve different looks for each occasion.

How it works

This is a fun and practical session, so you will be asked to bring along your makeup bag and tools.

I will first find out a little about your lifestyle and your makeup habits.

I will then place you in front of a mirror, and analyse your face shape, and your unique natural coloring.

I will guide you through the process of applying makeup. You will apply your own makeup, and I will show you the different techniques and effects of each one at each stage.

I will then show you how to transform your daily makeup into an evening look.

Finally we will look into your makeup bag to give it an update based on what we have learnt together.

A step-by-step makeup lesson will :
  • Analyse your face shape and show you how to contour and highlight your face accordingly.
  • Analyse your facial features and advise you on the correct makeup techniques.
  • Help you understand your natural coloring, and show you why certain colors work best for you.
  • Show you how to achieve flawless skin by choosing the most suitable primer, concealer, and foundation.
  • Uncover the secrets of the beauty industry: lifting your face with makeup, achieving 3D face with foundation only, concealing and brightening, 3D lips, and much more.
  • Demonstrate a wide range of makeup textures and show you how to mix them.
  • Deal with your beauty concerns by applying professional corrective makeup techniques.
  • Point out the must-have beauty tools, and how to use them efficiently.

Duration: Minimum 2 Hours