Is your wardrobe bulging with clothes yet you have nothing to wear? Would you like a wardrobe audit? If you think about it, you will have your favourite items that you wear regularly, and other garments (possibly approximately 80%), that hardly ever see the light of day.

We think we have nothing to wear, but in fact we have a wardrobe full, just waiting to be reinvented!

With a Wardrobe Weed you can release the potential of the clothes you already have and your outfits will be brought back to life. With knowing what is missing in your closet, will stop you buying the same items over and over again as you will be able to see exactly what you have or need.

As a  closet consultant I will come to you to:
    • Help you in sorting the good items from the bad.
    • give new life to unused clothes by adding new ideas .
    • Show you multiple ways to coordinate your clothes.
      guide you on creating different current styles.
    •  organise your  wardrobe  in a way that meets your needs.
    • Help you choose the right accessories for each garment.
    • I will provide you with a list of gaps to help make the most
      of what you already have and what items you need to get.


  • If living far, we can have an  online wardrobe audit consultation that  helps you save time and money when choosing what to wear and on your future shopping trips – whether that be online or in the stores.