Author: Ghada Al Sawi

Exciting October!

Have you done your seasonal switchover yet? It’s always lots of fun rediscovering old pieces that you have forgotten isn’t it? Now is a great time to take stock of what you already own, and make a list of items that you need to update your wardrobe. Keep a list on your phone, so that when you’re shopping […]

Sparkling Grape

Pantone call it Sparkling Grape, I call it purple. No matter, it’s the same shade, and we’re in for a bit of a treat next season, because they are predicting a purple comeback. This shade definitely fell out of favour for a long time, but it has been bubbling just under the surface for the last two […]

Mood Boosting Barbicore

Love it or hate it, the new Barbie film has got everyone talking….about pink. Barbie Pink sits very comfortably next to Magenta in the colour spectrum, so it is a cool colour, but you’ve probably worked that out already. Those with a cool undertone will wear it well, although I would suggest upping the garment quality, because […]

Throwing shades

Whether you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, or if you just want to look cool, make sure they suit your face. Start with your style personality. Are you comfortable wearing a pair of sunnies that are ‘out there’ or do you prefer something neater and understated? Maybe you’re drawn to […]

40 years of

As an image consultant for Colour me beautiful, I am very excited to be celebrating their 40th birthday this year. Of course, things have changed over four decades; the most radical being, the move from seasonal to tonal analysis. As a result, I am very proud to be able to offer each and every client a […]

Swimwear For The Bigger Bust

It’s holiday season and for many, time to pay attention to your holiday wardrobe. Shopping for swimwear comes with its own frustrations, particularly if you are blessed with a bigger bust, because one bikini certainly does not do all! But don’t worry, I have you covered (no pun intended). 1. Avoid triangle bikini tops with string ties. Not […]

Special Occasionwear

June always brings a flurry of glamour to my door as  clients seek out the perfect occasion outfit for the races, weddings and other equally ‘dress-up’ events. Some revel in the whole experience, whilst others dread the mere thought of stepping out of their comfort zone.  For me, it is a sheer delight to show clients how […]

Past Times

Button It! Have you ever wondered why women’s buttons are on the left? Well, there’s an easy explanation for this. Back in the day, wealthy ladies didn’t dress themselves, they had maids to do this for them (the struggle was real!). As most people were, and still are right-handed, it made it easier for someone […]