Throwing shades

Throwing shades

Whether you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, or if you just want to look cool, make sure they suit your face.

Start with your style personality. Are you comfortable wearing a pair of sunnies that are ‘out there’ or do you prefer something neater and understated? Maybe you’re drawn to pretty floral frames, or love the whole designer spec concept. There is lots of inspiration on the internet, so do your homework before you go shopping.

Consider the colour of both the frames and lenses. Remember these are going to be sitting on your face, so it is important that they complement your look. At the very least, consider whether you have a warm or cool undertone and buy accordingly. If you have darkness around your eye socket, choose a frame that is lighter on the inside so that it doesn’t accentuate black circles.

The style of your sunglasses is, of course, important. Although you can throw the specs rule book out of the window to a certain extent, there are still some things to bear in mind. An oversized pair of sunnies may look cool but can overwhelm someone who is petite (of course the reverse applies too). A square bottom frame will accentuate jowls, so look for something softer. Choose styles that extend above the eyebrows if you have a deep forehead.

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