40 years of

40 years of

As an image consultant for Colour me beautiful, I am very excited to be celebrating their 40th birthday this year. Of course, things have changed over four decades; the most radical being, the move from seasonal to tonal analysis. As a result, I am very proud to be able to offer each and every client a personalised wallet of colours that work perfectly for them.

The colour me beautiful  approach to wearing colour is, I believe, the most modern on the market. That is because we show you how to wear colour and as a result, I am seeing a younger clientele than ever before.

Amber Is For Caution

Amber is up there with yellow as one of the cheeriest summer colours. It has uplifting and bold properties, and is indeed a very happy colour. But before you run out to buy it, beware, (think traffic lights; be cautious), as it can be a difficult colour to pull off. It has a slightly more yellow-y tone than orange and is a few shades lighter.  Here are my recommendations:

Lights (Cate Blanchett): Amber is a mid to light shade so it will work for you, especially if you are warm toned. Team with sky blue to keep your look delicate and fresh.
Deeps (Catherine Zeta Jones, Michelle Obama): You will probably find that this colour needs a little oompf so try adding a deeper shade such as teal. If you are very cool toned, make sure that teal is the dominant colour of your outfit.
Warms (Christina HendriCHS): You look wonderful in yellows and oranges, so amber is ‘right up your street’. Have fun with it by combining with olive, aqua or bittersweet.
Cools (Dawn French): You will probably experience the most difficulty with amber as it is a very warm shade. In fact, I would go as far to say, sit this one out, or just use it in accessories. 
Clears (Emma Willis): Amber will work really well when combined with a strong colour with clarity, such as emerald green or bright periwinkle. Look for fabric that reflects the light, eg. satin
Softs (Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis): Because your look is blended, try combining amber with colours that are a shade lighter or darker for a tonal look. Claret or jade would work very well indeed.

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