Mood Boosting Barbicore

Mood Boosting Barbicore

Love it or hate it, the new Barbie film has got everyone talking….about pink. Barbie Pink sits very comfortably next to Magenta in the colour spectrum, so it is a cool colour, but you’ve probably worked that out already.

Those with a cool undertone will wear it well, although I would suggest upping the garment quality, because this particular hue can look cheap. 

Think about your overall colouring when you look at the combination of your hair eyes and skin tone. Pick the group below that best reflects this overall, to help identify which might be your best shade:
Light – try pastel pink
Deep – give blush pink a go (combine with a deeper shade such as damson)
Warm – try coral pink
Cool- hot pink or cassis for the win
Clear – also give blush pink a go
Soft – try salmon if you’re warm toned, or soft fuschia if you’re cool toned. If you’re unsure, give blush pink a go, but combine with a soft tonal shade such as taupe or jade. 

If the thought of wearing pink all over is too much, try it in a nail colour or lipstick! If you suspect certain pink tones don’t look as great on you, wear them more sparingly and away from your face.

And if you were wondering, Barbie is a Light, so as well as pastel pink, she also looks amazing in dusty rose and blush pink. 

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