Fall Winter 23 trends

Fall Winter 23 trends

Hooray, it’s all about wearable clothes this season. Timeless pieces, wardrobe staples
and immaculate tailoring. Tap into your neutral colors to achieve the quiet luxury aesthetic.
Colour (or lack of it) is so important to get right. Have you had your colors done? Your neutrals
are such an important part of your core wardrobe, that can be brought out each season.

The big black coat returns with a vengeance (has it ever really gone away?).
Of course, we need to steer our clients to their ‘best’ black whether that be
charcoal grey, chocolate brown, pewter and so forth. This is a big ticket item,
so it’s important that your client gets it right. If black features in their palette
and they love this shade, then it’s a great time to invest as we predict a
black coat explosion!

The cropped classic blazers on the up. A great option for Naturals in a business
environment, but fun to wear with jeans and wide-leg trousers too.

Stripes never really go out of fashion, but we guarantee they will be everywhere this season,
from the classic Breton top, to whacky wide-leg pants. Horizontal stripes worn on the top half
are ideal for narrow shoulders and larger hips (providing they don’t carry too much weight
around the tummy). A round body shape could try diagonal stripes to confuse the eye.
Consider scale; a petite will look best in narrower hoops.

It would seem that anything goes with regards to bag trends this season. But one that is likely
to shine through is the oversized slouchy tote (particularly faux-fur!). Not so great for petites,
so shop with caution. On the upside, it combines style with practicality, so potentially
an investment purchase for some (but not faux-fur!). 

Skinny jeans and pants are still on the downward trend. Instead, wide legs continue
to dominate in either a structured or fluid form. These tend to be on the smarter side,
so Classics and City Chics will enjoy this trend, whilst Naturals could look at a wide leg
sports legging to tap into the ath-leisure movement.
Petites will need to watch the volume. Team with a smart jacket.
Oversized blazers are still on the up.

It’s all about the long boot this season. As these are investment buys,
buy a neutral shade that will work with lots of outfits. Black isn’t always the best option!

Ballet flats seem a somewhat strange trend, especially in the UK where it tends to be
wet in the winter months. But they are everywhere! Probably due to the resurfacing
of classic knits – very Princess Di / Sloane style ! They will definitely appeal to a wide
range of clients, so tap into their style personality. 

The statement belt is back! Think sash, embellished and chain link. Hip belts are also likely
to make a comeback (great for those who don’t have a waist), but we may need to wait
a while until they filter down to the high street. Shop your own wardrobe.

As you can see, this season is very much about basics, classics and pared-back everyday clothes. Very much a reflection of the sense of anxiety and austerity. It is however, a perfect time to add wardrobe longevity with a splash of colour here and there.

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