Feeling Floral

Spring has officially sprung. Now is the perfect time to take stock of your wardrobe, de-clutter and pick up some fresh pieces for the months ahead. Keep it simple Floral prints can work for the office when paired with chic, tailored pieces. A pencil skirt with a subtle floral design will ensure you don’t look

Bold new hues for the season ahead...

With Autumn now officially upon us it is likely that if you haven’t already, you’ll soon be digging out those cosy knits and coats ready for the season ahead. Is it time to embrace some bold new hues? The new season offers a great opportunity to try some new shades from your colour palette. Many of us

The Importance of Undertone

What are undertones? Your undertone is the colour just below the surface of your skin and regardless of whether you have a tan or not, it doesn’t change. Ensuring the colours you wear in both your clothes and make-up complement your undertone is essential as if you get it wrong it could cause your skin

Packing Tips For Your Holiday

Are you looking for a smart way to pack! Summer holiday season is almost upon us and whilst we love nothing more than an excuse to jet off to the sun, sometimes the thought of getting everything ready beforehand can seem a little daunting. Here is top packing tips and tricks to ensure you have everything

Smart Summer style for the office

Smart Summer Dressing Getting dressed during the hottest days of the year is hard enough without also having to worry about looking presentable in the office! This month I’m showing you how to keep things looking more boardroom than beach at the office with mix and match separates and easy to throw-on dresses as well as a few guidelines to keep in mind

Bold colour is in fashion this summer

There has been a shift in fashion over recent years. Gone are the days where the only colour considered ‘cool’ by the fashion elite was black, black and more black. Influences from films like ‘La La Land’ and designers like Roksanda Ililnic have filtered down to the High Street and where you may once have had difficultly [...]


  Spring is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with new colours as well as new styles. This month we’re giving you the low down on the hottest shoe trends for the season and which ones will work for you…       TRENDING NOW THE TREND All Wrapped Up WHAT IS IT? Emphasising

Specs Appeal

With more and more designers starting to lend their name to glasses frames of late, now is the time to pay attention to your next specs purchase! Your glasses have just as much impact on your outfit as any other accessory, and as they are so prominently placed, it’s vital to get them right! It’s