Special Occasionwear

Special Occasionwear

June always brings a flurry of glamour to my door as  clients seek out the perfect occasion outfit for the races, weddings and other equally ‘dress-up’ events. Some revel in the whole experience, whilst others dread the mere thought of stepping out of their comfort zone. 
For me, it is a sheer delight to show clients how to look their best in outfits that they feel comfortable in and love. So, let me help you to a new confidence and enjoyment, whatever your special occasion day.

That Special Outfit

There are three elements to getting it right:

  • Choosing a colour that flatters. Try on the outfit in front of a mirror that benefits from natural light. What does it do to your complexion? If it looks clear and vibrant, then the shade will no doubt be perfect for you. Stay away from shades that make your skin look pale and/or dull. 
  • Choosing a cut that suits your body shape. Curvy figures benefit from lines that follow the body shape and have waist definition, in fabric that has some stretch. Straight up and down figures benefit from straighter cuts in stiffer fabrics that have some waist definition. Of course, you may have a figure that is both straight and curvy, so softer fabrics in straight lines work well. Curved seams over a fuller bust are great. 
  • Choosing a style that aligns with your style personality. This is an important aspect if you are to feel ‘like you’. A Natural will never feel comfortable in 6-inch heels and a tight wiggle dress, so it may be more appropriate to wear a trouser suit or long jacket. 
Find Your Print

This season as the high street is awash with blooms galore. A very feminine print that Romantic style personalities will love. And often the print of choice when attending a special occasion.  If floral isn’t your thing, you could opt for spots, squiggles, animal print, geometrics, paisleys or stripes. 
There are two things to consider though. Firstly, the size of the pattern. Balance your frame with a similar sized print. Ditsy prints on a larger frame do not work as well as larger blooms. Secondly, I always recommend my clients choose prints that work with their body shape rather than against it. Straight bodies will suit geometrics, stripes and checks whilst curvy shapes will suit florals and paisleys. Spots work well on anyone. 

The Finishing Touches

A plain outfit can look very special when time is spent accessorising. Indeed, you can breathe new life into a dress that you already own and love by changing your jewellery, bag and shoes. And if you have more than one special occasion to attend, you can change the look through the clever use of accessories. 

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