Past Times

Button It!

Have you ever wondered why women’s buttons are on the left? Well, there’s an easy explanation for this. Back in the day, wealthy ladies didn’t dress themselves, they had maids to do this for them (the struggle was real!). As most people were, and still are right-handed, it made it easier for someone standing opposite for the button to be in their right hand.

And, as we’re on the subject, did you know that the Chinese town of Qiaotou produce 60% of all buttons on earth. One company alone claims to manufacture between two and three million a day.

The Breton Stripe

The classic and chic Breton top actually has very humble beginnings. Worn by the French Navy in the 1850s as undergarments, it was a prerequisite that they all sported 21 stripes (each one representing Napoleon’s battle victories).

These days, the Breton top is more likely to be found in every stylish woman’s wardrobe. There’s a common myth that horizontal stripes can make you appear larger. Hermann von Helmholtz disproved this theory by showing that a square of horizontal stripes actually looks taller than a square of vertical ones. You learn something new everyday!

Seeing Red

Red has an illustrious past; Roman soldiers wore red tunics, gladiators adorned themselves in scarlet, and Chinese brides wore red to walk down the aisle (they still do).

You may think that you can’t wear red. You can. It’s all about finding the right shade. An orangey-red is much more suited to a warm skin tone whilst raspberry and strawberry are better for cooler skin tones.

Hourglass Misery

Corsets were worn in Victorian and Edwardian times to create the hourglass figure. Tight lacing often led to restrictive movement and much discomfort for the wearer. Indeed actress, Kitty Tyrrell died during a stage performance of Dick Whittington in 1894 and the doctor blamed her corset!

Thankfully we no longer need to subject ourselves to such torture to achieve the hourglass figure. Clever cut fabrics, waist definition, the right neckline, prints and comfortable shapewear are our best friends. And of course, we recognise that not everyone is, or indeed needs to be an hourglass.

Do you know your body shape? It’s a useful tool to have as you will be able to select the most flattering styles and fabrics. Shopping becomes so much easier!

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