Summer Smackers

Summer Smackers

Lipstick can instantly transform your look and make your day better! Choose a flattering shade and you’ll feel a million dollars. If you’re not a lipstick wearer but love the look, try a sheer which has a hint of colour without the intensity. A great choice for summer. Alternatively, choose a lip gloss for a glossy texture; especially great for people who have thinner lips and do not wish to highlight this.

Make sure you wear a primer, it will protect your lips, moisturise them and prevent feathering.

I can help you choose your very best lip covering and provide you with tips to ensure you have the perfect summer smackers.

Make-Up Clutch

Use a make-up bag as a clutch. Empty your products out before dinner, and pop it under your arm. No one will know! As well as saving valuable suitcase space, you may find that a cosmetic bag is far cheaper to buy than a traditional clutch, and is bound to be unique.

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