The Importance of Undertone

The Importance of Undertone

What are undertones?

Your undertone is the colour just below the surface of your skin and regardless of whether you have a tan or not, it doesn’t change. Ensuring the colours you wear in both your clothes and make-up complement your undertone is essential as if you get it wrong it could cause your skin to look lacklustre, sallow or grey.


Determining your skin tone

A quick way to determine whether you have a Warm or Cool undertone is to look at the inside of your forearm. On those with a Cool undertone veins will appear blue/purple in natural light, whilst those with a Warm undertone will have green/olive veins in natural light. You could also compare the overall colour of the inside of your forearm with that of friends – as long as you don’t all have the same colouring, you will notice some striking differences. This test is not an exact science though so its best to see an expert. Find your local colour me beautiful personal stylist here to give you a definitive answer!


Once you have determined your undertone you can use the guidelines below to help you select the best make-ups shades for your undertone….

Make Me Up!




If you have a Warm undertone draw attention to your eyes with gorgeous colour me beautiful Tuscany Olive eyeshadow and Sage eye pencil. Cool undertones can play around with pinks, purples and pewters; we love a slick of Navy mascara, particularly if you have blue eyes (it makes them really pop!)


If you’re warm opt for peach or coral shades. A smudge of our colour me beautiful Melba cream blush will give you a subtle of hint of colour. Those with a Cool undertone should go for something a little pinker. Our colour me beautiful Appleberry blush compact is perfect to pop into your bag for touch-ups on the go.


Finish your look with a little lip! Feeling bright and bold? Go for our fresh and fun colour me beautiful Mango Punch cream lipstick if you have a Warm undertone. Our Cool customers could opt for our colour me beautiful Pink Shell lip gloss; the perfect finishing touch to your make-up look.

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